Thursday, September 22, 2011

Simple Woman's Flashback

FOR TODAY, September 22, 2008

Outside My Window...Darkness, which woudn't be frightening, except that Philip is watching "The Village" behind me, and the music is creeping my brain out. Plus, in the driveway, James' car is the "bad color". I'm not kidding - there are woods at the back of our property, and "the ones we do not speak of" live just beyond the pines. "Do your very best not to not be frightened, it is only farce."

I am thinking...that we got so much accomplished today by unplugging the phones and turning off the computer. But I'm also thinking that I have several voice mail and e-mail messages to respond to.

I am thankful for...the encouragement I received from the friends who met at Nicki's tonight. The theme was "Light". After several ladies shared helpful ways we can make our homes more beautiful, one precious saint of a woman added: "With Jesus in your heart, you have all the light your home will ever need."

From the kitchen...I'm actually not sure. I came in from my meeting, kissed the kids goodnight, and came here to catch up on blogs. For tomorrow, I already have beef browned and cans set aside and spices measured so Luke can dump it all in the crockpot. Hearty Southern Chili for dinner, anyone?

I am wearing... Black capris, black & white sweater top, wavy hair, and pink toenails decorating bare feet. I've decided to stop arguing with my hair every morning...on whether it should be straight or wavy. It seems on days I want to determine and demand sleek, straight sheen, my folicles team up with the humidity and I am frizzily outvoted. One day last week, I showered and was promptly sidetracked which resulted in by naturally wavy 'no-do'. It didn't look THAT bad, and it didn't turn to frizz like my usual "persuaded" style. And it takes zero minutes. I'd been contemplating a whole-hearted conversion, when Philip said, "Babe, I really like your hair fluffy." Granted, he might have chosen a more becoming term, but his pleasure was fully communicated, so...fluffy, it is!

I am creating... nada. I'm created out. Another burst of inspiration should come soon.

I am, I'm never going anywhere...I should have written this post this morning, then I could have said, "I'm going to a Women's Ministry Meeting tonight". Shucks.

I am reading...several blogs, and that's about it for tonight.

I am hoping...that tomorrow's lessons go just as smoothly as today's, and that the kids and I have fun together...and that wavy hair comes back into style very soon :)

I am hearing... Oscar's collar tags jingle as he and JW head for bed...and thankfully, no more M. Night Sh-mock-a-luck as I like to call him.

Around the house... Everyone is in bed. A couple more links, and I'm right there with them.

One of my favorite things... is a well written plot. One that is cohesive enough to be intriguing and believable, while containing just the perfect voids to remain interesting and unpredictable.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Lots of school, a few meals, choir practice, paint the girls' nails and then I get Friday evening and Saturday morning OFF to attend a conference in Bossier. Looking forward to that!

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

I post this year-old photo (Philip was in his "before" stage) in response to some disgruntled commentary concerning an obvious lack of blog photos of Phiip and JW. I believe Phil got an entire photo post to himself not too long perhaps the anonymous complaint was aimed more toward JW??? Do you see what I deal with? I'm only one woman...

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