Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Seven Hundred

When I created this blog nearly five years ago, I didn't know how much joy I would "certainly discover" through the process of writing.  Voicing my thoughts and the occasional feeling or two...posting memories and photographs and scripture...what a lovely hobby.
In October of 2006, I had a six-week-old baby plus four other darlings.  I had dial-up and no digital camera.  I had a blog.

Today, I have six children with my choice of two computers, three cameras, and high speed is the only way we roll. (Thank You, God, for Philip....without him, I'd never upgrade ANYTHING. Ever.)

And I still have a blog :)

This photo was taken when MariAlice was a few days old in 2006. Here's what captures my attention when I see it now.

1. All that clutter on the tables and around the floor...I MUST have been on pain meds to be ok with that:)

2. I remember Ardyn cut her bangs O.F.F. a few days before I went into the hospital.

3. We must have had a few cameras clickin...Landen seems to be grinning it up for someone else.

4. Papa Hank's tan, tan legs. Golf + tennis + biking = bronze.

5. Ashlin looks so little. What a cutie.

6.  Luke was rockin the sleeveless.

7.  Oh, how I miss Papa Hank, and Gramma Iona. Makes me a little homesick for Glory.

8.  What if someone had mentioned to me that she might not be the "baby" of the family?

9. Mari. Mari. Quite Contrary. She cried for six weeks straight. Fussed for an additional four and a half months, then popped right out of it. I love that girl!

10. I am SO glad I was NOT in this photo. No one needs to be reminded of that multi-leveled funk.

Happy 700th Post!!