Monday, August 08, 2011

Movie Nite

We watched Soul Surfer with the fam tonight.  What a great movie!  I absolutely enjoy Helen Hunt...Mad About You anyone??  And Dennis Quaid is a cutie...Philip has authorized a tiny little crush:)  The guy from Hercules, Carrie Underwood, and the girl from Winn Dixie complete the familiar cast.   

The girls wondered why "everyone is so immodest".  I explained that in Hawaii, the weather is always conducive to swimming.  Honestly, the athleticism and hang ten culture whittled away a layer of my typically strict standard against bare midriffs.  Nothing in Bethany Hamilton's demeanor indicated that she was trying to bring attention to her body.  It's hard to explain.  Her conservative spirit --or the actress's portrayal of her conservative spirit --trumped any liberality of wardrobe.

After Bethany's accident, one scene highlights her family's frustration and strain.  Her oldest brother kind of freaks out for a minute.  At this point, Philip muttered, "What's his problem?"  To which Ashlin replied, "Dad, his little sister just got her arm taken off by a shark, and he's a little upset."  (Sheesh, Dad, give him a break, huh?)

I was encouraged by the Hamiltons' closely knit family unit.  They worshipped together.  They surfed together.  They worked as a team.  They absolutely cheered each other on.  They joked with each other playfully.  They didn't cut each other down.  What a refreshing example of healthy family dynamics on the big screen.

The giggle for the evening...Mari Alice had asked if Bethany's arm would ever grow back.  I explained that Bethany's arm would not, but the actress who was playing Bethany had not really lost her arm.  After watching several scenes of the one-armed beach belle struggling to adjust to life without her other arm, Mari shouted, "Why doesn't she just untape her other arm from behind her back and then she could do it!" 

My favorite part of the video was the footage after the movie that showed the "real" Bethany and her family.  A sensational story is just that - unless it is founded and developed in real life, deep, deep faith.