Saturday, August 27, 2011

Kids Say...

Mari Alice: "Ardyn, I believe you said that for my birthday, you would give Heidi and I a massage. You did not. (snarky gaze)"

Luke:  "WHERE'S my Hello-Kitty necklace??"
Ashlin:  "Ba-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!"
Landen:  "Uh... Guys, I think he is serious."

Mari Alice:  "Mom, this has been the best day ever.  Well, except for when we go see Jesus in Heaven...that will be the best best day ever ever.  But today was pretty awesome!"

AND....this just in:

Mari Alice:  "Mom, do any people die when they are young?"

CDJ:  "Yes, honey, we never know when we'll die, so it's important to live fully for God."

Mari Alice:  "Well, you're going to die when you're old."

CDJ:  "Why do you say that?" 
(thinking she just couldn't bear the thought of living w/out me)

Mari Alice:  "You're going to die old because you already ARE old:)"

CDJ:  "WHAT???"

Mari Alice:  "Mom, seriously.  You're 40."