Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day in the Life

Luke was at a friends' house over the weekend. Landen left at sunrise to go fishing. My dear, sweet girls gathered their younger sisters to have breakfast and Disney channel so that "Mommy and Daddy could sleep in a little". A surprise call from my brother in Washington, a date-brunch with the main man at IHOP, followed by grocery shopping all afternoon.

Elizabeth has been in "big girl panties" during her awake time all week. How many times have we heard, "I tee-teed in the potty...high five...fruit snack!!"?

This evening, Philip grilled a LOT of meat, some neighbors came to help us put a dent in it, and we had a "free, in-home estimate" for new windows. The Sears guy even joined us for dinner, and offered his last bite of watermelon to Liz. Norman Rockwall would have been pleased.

Luke returned just about the time the fellas went across the road to watch the Rangers win. The little girls got baths and gowns and a movie, Ardyn went swimming with her friend, and I cleaned up the kitchen.

A surprise phone call from my sister-in-law from Washington...sheesh, this is like a record setting day. We had to say good bye, because I couldn't hear. The menfolk, despite the Ranger victory, were guh-rumpy! They all wear the same size jeans, and no one could agree on which ones were available to be worn tomorrow to church. They sounded like a gaggle of junior high girls.

The boys found peace, love, and denim for all. Philip ironed everything that needed it. I turned the girls' lamps off and came to bloggerville for just a sec. Tomorrow should be fun. First, because lunch and dinner are D.O.N.E. and second, because Sunday's usually are lots of fun.

Thank You, Lord, for today. Conversations, resources, activities, friends, food, opportunities, leisure, and rest. You make all things possible. Praise You!