Wednesday, June 08, 2011


Today, the little Gizzard turned two. She woke up happy and when we asked her if she slept well, she responded with her usual, "uh HUH!" She is precious in every way. She hung out with her sibs while I took MariAlice to day 3 of dance camp. (?When I came home, I found diet coke in her sippy cup...something about it being a special day...boys: ugg.)

After her nap we took her swimming. Our kind neighbor asked me yesterday if she could bake Liz a cake. I said, "uh HUH!". We ate cake, drank soda, and swam until it was time for the evening shuttle.

We dried off, took one boy one place, another boy another place, stopped by to see Philip since he was working late, and made it back home safe and sound. We ate some dinner with MILK in sippy cups, and bathed. Then it was time to chill on the couch.

All the sisters were snoozing in their beds by the time the fellas returned from their activities. Good, good day:)

Thank You, God, for Elizabeth Anne. You provide such joy and hope through her smiley life. Help us love her well. Help us raise her to love You well. Thank You for today...sweet girl, sweet neighbors, sweet siblings, sweet Spirit...thank You!