Sunday, June 12, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Sunday, June 12, 2011...

Outside my window...H.O.T.

I am mom and dad and I would harmonize on long road trips. We'd pick a hymn and I'd lean up from the middle row of seats. Mom would sing melody, and Dad would let me have first pick of a harmonizing note. He'd throw in a third and we'd go as long as we could remember the lyrics. Good times!

I am thankful for...A/C cause it is H.O.T.

I am creating...lists. lots of lists:)

I am VBS every day this week. wah-hoo! Mari Alice missed the initial connection as we discussed our plans for this week. "We have to be at GPS by 8:30am AND we have Vacation Bible School???"

I am reading..."Donkey Tales" for caMP3. Everytime I hum a bar, Ashlin pipes right in. We are going to have so much fun.

I am hoping...Philip and Luke make it home safely from the State Championship they lost late tonight after shutting down every other opponent throughout the weekend. Fourth game of the 100 degree day...perhaps they were a little tired?

On my many needs my kids have. They are not "needy" in a "look-at-me!" annoyance, but they each have distinct needs. I am the first tier of provision for them. I pray for God's wisdom, His power, and His compassion as I slow down just a bit to listen to each of their hearts and do what I can to bless them.

From the learning rooms...Done. Done. We are leaning toward "outsourcing" the boys' education next year. New and exciting!

Noticing that...I am NEVER tired at bedtime when Philip is away.

Pondering these words..."Our greatest fear should not be of failure, but of succeding at something that doesn't really matter." -DL Moody

From the kitchen...Not a lot. I have a menu for this busy VBS/All-Star week, and I hope everyone LOVES pb&j. Not kidding. Ardyn will have ZERO problemo with this plan:)

Around the house...All is still. Loving it.

Today Landen and I were talking about friendship. I told him I thought I could be alone on an island and be JUST fine. His sweet offer for clarification, "How big of an island are we talkin' about, Mom?? Wouldn't you want just one other person to bring you know, so you know deep down you're not REALLY alone on that island?"

Precious boy. Who are we kidding? I ain't fixin to live on no island. But I do dream of these occasional moments when all I sense around me is peace and quiet.

One of my favorite things...Swimming pool. It's just really hard to be grumpy at the pool. Elizabeth jumped in SEVERAL times tonight. Guppie.

From my picture album...My handsome, sweeter-everyday-son, Brendan Luke. Love him:)

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