Saturday, June 18, 2011

Out of the Mouths

Ok, so yesterday's post about dental bonding brought up some opposition. I admit it was a very limited, specific metaphor with a very personal message.

What if crooked gaps are part of the fall of man?

I wore braces. I'm glad I wore braces. My brothers did not, and we've joked through the years, that I was the one Mom & Dad had to get "married off", so it was a wise investment.

Ironically, the braces caused nerve damage in one of my front teeth. (You cannot imagine how far that wire had to pull one tooth from the top of my gum line...Nanny McPhee...all I'm sayin) So now, my teeth are straight, but one is gray. Purpose defeated?

There is a thin line along a slippery slope when it comes to "self-improvement". Our culture says, "If you don't like it, change it." Is it always wrong to have "work done"? I honestly don't know.

But while we're talkin' teeth, let's look at redemption from another angle.

Our lives without Christ could be like teeth growing in every direction, out of alignment, dysfunctional and not pretty. God emBRACES us. He takes hold of our surrendered lives, securely attaches His loving promises, and day by day draws us into His righteousness.

The end result is straight and smooth and aligned. Beautiful.

Life is filled with picture truths and messages of love. Look carefully. Listen closely. God can speak through crooked teeth. He can show us His character through straight teeth.

When His beauty's everywhere,
When you're resting in His care,
When you're prayin', what's He sayin'?

Creation shouts His glory,
And the Bible tells His story.

The voice of God speaks in wondrous ways.
The word of God appears on ev'ry page.
And if you listen, you'll hear the message true:
"I love you, my child, I love you."
-Melody Morris