Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tea for Two

This afternoon, my girls have some friends over. I am amazed at how easily they begin to chatter and giggle from the first moment they board my car. Given every available pastime, they have chosen to play Dress-Up and Tea Party.

Each lovely maiden is clad in fancy frills. After the fashion show where everyone is a winner, they request pretzels, peanuts and hot tea in "real tea cups". They create a centerpiece for the table, and set it beautifully. While awaiting the whistle, they prance and twirl, forever offering commentary on everything from scholastics and shoes to sisterhood and snacks.


This week I've had two opportunities to plan women's events. With each brainstorm, we are reminded that women ultimately want a reason to put on jewelry, enjoy a change of scenery, and some light refreshment to accompany their inevitable and incessant conversation.

Dress-Up and Tea Party! Once a girl, always a girl:)