Saturday, April 09, 2011

Day 32

He walks with me... 8,169 steps

He talks with me... There are a few areas of my life where I am experiencing tiny little victories. AND there are many, many aspects of my living that still need SO much work. It would be too much to consider if it were not for grace.

I honestly can't tell if I strive too little or too much.

It takes two seconds for success to turn to pride. And less than that for failure to turn to self-loathing.

I've been accused of "always having an answer". And yet, my quick and resolute responses are either from scripture or they merely represent a few ideas I've mentally settled -even if for the time being - out of the dozens of questions that seem to flood my mind each day. I know nothing.

He tells me I am His own... "He restores my soul." - Psalm 23:3