Monday, April 04, 2011


Daddy-Daughter Dance

The other night, while I was out of town, Philip escorted his oldest three daughters to a fundraiser dance here in town. I thought it rather bold of him to assume he could coordinate hair and wardrobe for a formal event in my absence. But he passed bold and triumphantly marched two clicks toward incredible.

Before I left, I laid out an appropriately fancy dress for each girl. Ardyn had no shoes. Philip's first act of courage was to take the girls shopping - in a mall. Once everyone was well-equipped, he was able to lavish a bit of pampering and personal care.

All the girls received a Daddy-mani-pedi, and he personally curled the two younger girls' hair. He still had time to don his suit and tie, spritz some "smellin-good", and arrive with punctuality to the affair with three pretty happy little girls.

Evidently, they had a wonderful time. Mari Alice was a finalist in the dance contest. We all agree that if Liz was old enough to attend, she would have been Mari's toughest competition.

I'm so thrilled that my daughters have such a fantastically fun and adventurous dad. He really went above and beyond in his efforts to please them and communicate how special each of them is.

The only photo I have is from my phone and I'm not sure how to zoom or enlarge. They texted me on their way out the door.

You get the idea...
Three beautiful belles.
One pleased Papa.
A night to remember.