Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Wednesday, February 9, 2011...

Outside my window...C.O.L.D.

I am summer stays with my Gramma Iona in Iowa. Avon bubble baths and bedtime back rubs. Cribbage, Croquet, and Chinese Checkers. Fruit juice served in tiny pastel Tupperware. Fireflies and rhubarb pies. Good times:)

I am thankful for...electricity. I take it for granted on many levels. Father, forgive me...and THANK You!

I am creating...lyrics. Sporadically.

I am watch "Leverage" with the hunkster in a sec.

I am reading..."Made to Crave" and I just finished "Radical" last night. Almost ready to begin it again.

I am hoping...that my brothers and mom have safe travels as they return from Gramma's memorial service.

On my mind...How spoiled rotten we are as a culture. I fear we may be missing the "real deal".

From the learning rooms...Mari knows "o'clock" plus "thirty" on her clock. She is reading and writing better every day. Huge fun! Ashlin is battling through the 2nd grade "sloppy-speedy" work phase. Ardyn is trudging along on her remedial schedule....she should be creating valentines but she is sadly still weaving Thanksgiving place mats. Luke is on fire in History, but still challenged by his love/hate relationship with Language. Landen is hip deep in linear equations and a bunch of other stuff that pales in comparison to the torment of y-intercepts and slopes.

Noticing that...The outside temps are trying to sneak indoors.

Pondering these words... "Is the distinction between living for Christ and dying for Him, after all, so great? Is not the second the logical conclusion of the first? To live for God IS to die daily. It is to lose everything that we may gain Christ." - Elisabeth Elliot

From the kitchen...With ice in the forecast, I made sure we had some cooked beans and boiled eggs to choke down in case the power went out. But as the impending "winter weather event" fizzled down to a damp chill shortly after all church activities had been cancelled, Ardyn stepped up and offered to order pizza for our unexpected family night. PLUS!

Around the house...Girls are in beds. Boys are in their room. Philip is previewing the D-Now dvd's and I am blogging while Oscar snoozes in front of the crackling fire.

One of my favorite things...clothespins. seriously. Chips, stacks of tax forms, frozen veggies, skirts on hangers, sheets for tents, book marks, hooking a dishtowel behind a toddler's neck as a makeshift bib. I could go on. (When I graduated high school, my Papa Hank monogrammed an entire package of clothes pins with a sharpie for me to take to college.) There are still a few floating around here:)

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