Sunday, January 30, 2011

Two Super Great Peeps: Check.

The only topics left undocumented from last weekend concern my dearest Kathy and my darling Philip. So they get a combo post.

Philip sent me away. He took vacation days, fueled up my car and kissed me good bye. In my absence, he managed the household with great skill and his own personal touch. I had pre-cooked for the weekend, so he was free to tackle some major cleaning behind the stove....ugh, what a MAN:) Even when the baby "took ill", he still managed to oversee the basic housecleaning so that I wouldn't have to do it before the Mom's came to dinner Monday night.

The kids had a blast with dad in charge. Evidently, they played games, watched movies, and ate REALLY good food. With new found wisdom, Philip understood how challenging it would be for me to return from my solitude into a bustling home. He made every effort to minimize my culture shock. When I drove up Saturday night, the house was tidy, candles were lit, and the tv was off. (He will admit, the tv was warm, but off ---he saw my headlights turn into the drive:)

I missed my family while I was away, but not too much. Before the conference, I was able to spend some concentrated time on Thursday and Friday with my dear friend, Kathy. We shopped and ate and talked, and laughed and ate and shopped. We are simple folk indeed. I am always amused that our tastes - both literally for food, and figuratively for apparel, books, and accessories - are VERY similar. I'm never sure whether to be comforted by the existence of such a kindred spirit or just plain ol' freaked out.

Baby Kate accompanied us on most of our jaunts. I am so ABSOLUTELY grateful for that precious child. We begged God for years for that little angel and I was thrilled to be around her. She's a trooper too. In years to come, she'll fit in quite nicely with the stairstepped Johnson sisters when we Momma's want to get the girls together. Let's see...when Kate is 13, Liz will be 14, Mari 18, Ash 22 and Ardyn 24. Kath and I will be barely in our 50's and I just think that screams "CRUISE!"

Thank You, God, for loving me through Philip and through Kathy. They know me so well, and still want to love me more. Grace. Thank You for loving us well.