Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mom's Night Out

Last night was my night to host a Mom's Night Out for Moms with Preschoolers. I am so grateful for two big dining tables. All eleven moms had a place to eat supper and visit without meeting needs or answering questions or cutting meat.

Dinner discussions touched on these points: infant growth percentages, raw milk, exercise, dads, chicken feet, homeschooling co-ops, 100th day celebrations at elementary school, gardening, over-protective parents, technology, communication, recipes, and shoes.

The group-effort menu included spicy chili topped with cheese, jalapenos, and sour cream; mushy rice(I'm a nerd), savory green bean casserole, thick, buttery cornbread, a yummy cheeseball with crackers, a brightly colored fruit salad, warm apple crisp, mini cookie dough bites, and the choice of water or sweet tea.

We welcomed 3 adorable nursing infants to the mix. Our strict policy allows for NON-verbal, nursing children only:) My own offspring were in violation due to a scheduling oversight by their parents. They did a great job remaining occupied and unseen while the ladies enjoyed adult conversation.

I am always tickled at how long women can chat. Moms were coming and going, but there was more than four solid hours of uninterrupted conversation filling our space. It was such a pleasure to experience the laughter and friendship permiating my home as these beautiful momw shared a night "out".

Thank You, God, for sister travelers. Thank You for the encouragement and understanding we can offer one another. You have blessed us beyond measure and we know that full well as we gather together in Your name.