Sunday, November 28, 2010


20 things I need to get off my chest...

I don't like Sunday night football. It hypnotizes all the helpful handsome ones and alienates me to rap up this week and plan for next week alone.

I am ready for the babies NOT to cough when I lay them down to sleep.

I am blessed to be able to worship with two separate congregations, but it is a tiny bit tiring.

I am REALLY nervous about next Sunday's Children's Musical. We have done our best with the little time we've had to prepare, but "polished" will elude us I believe.

I am REALLY nervous about the following Sunday's Choral Cantata. 40 minutes of non-stop accompaniment. What if I need a little rest??

I really love my sisters-in-law and their sisters. "Extended" family is a happiness.

I have spent the last two months losing and re-losing the same few pounds. Bleck. Hoping tomorrow's start is better.

I wish everyone in my life were lovingly honest with me. I think...

I have the best brothers in the world. None of them live close enough, but they totally rock.

I'm still nervous about the musical. Can't help it.

I am so glad my whole family came to my "other" church this morning. It was a blessing to arrive together and leave together in the same car.

I am happy for Philip - he shot a 9 point Friday. Remind me to add "process and cook venison" to the list for this week.

I keep forgetting to pick up my contacts from the eye doctor. I should tie a ribbon around my finger...or better yet, around my eyeglasses.

We have clean sheets. I love clean sheets. Someday when some of these folks are gainfully employed and have secured alternate dwellings, I'll wash my sheets every other day or so. I REALLY love yummy smelling, soft, clean sheets.

I heard someone use really crass language the other day. They didn't know I could hear them. I am disgusted and not sure what to do.

Speaking of of my big toe nails fell off. I stubbed it really badly last week when I was vacuuming. Yesterday, it fell O.F.F. yuck!?!

Oh, this venting thing is working. I feel better. Still nervous about next Sunday, but getting to the place where I might be able to sleep tonight.

I will miss the colors of Thanksgiving, but Christmas decor is fun too.

I need to find a big pre-lit star for the you-know-what next Sunday.

I guess I don't really mind Sunday night football if it means I get to blog.

Dear Lord Jesus -- Thank You for offering Peace for my life. My hope is in You alone. In my weakness, I fully rely on Your perfect strength to accomplish Your goals. Thank You for preparing a place for me. I want to do the same for You as I anticipate Your "coming".