Sunday, July 04, 2010


Philip took the older kids (aka potty trained ones) to see firworks. The baby and I stayed home. We swam as a family this evening, so she was tuckered out. Typically on Sunday evenings, I shift into "What's on tap for this week" mode. I plan. I cook. I tidy. I make lists. I lay out clothes. But since Philip has holiday tomorrow, this evening seems like a Saturday night without the early Worship prep:)

And so...

Landen leaves for Youth Camp in the morning. Unbelievable?

Luke hopes to earn his babysitting badge in Landen's absence. Unlikely?

Ardyn has week two of drama camp this week. Unneccessary?

Ashlin has no camps this week, so she hopes to work on school. Unusual?

Mari Alice has swim camp this week. Unprecidented?

Elizabeth is the cutest thing ever. Undeniable.

Thank You, Lord, for my family. I am a rich, rich lady:) Thank You for the freedoms that we enjoy - and must stand firm to retain - here in this nation. Thank You - so much more - for the eternal & true Freedom You grant through Your perfect Son!