Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Internet has been down since Saturday.

Quick update:

Ardyn thouroughly enjoyed her time at Camp Bravo. After two weekend performances of the musical "Jungle Book", she shifts her focus toward dance camp this week.

Speaking of dance, Ashlin learned so much last week as she attended tap/jazz/ballet class each morning. She had "show-off"s Friday morning. Philip and I had a ball watching her.

With two more swim lessons this week, Mari wants to know when her "show-off" is. Ummmmm....the rest of the summer at the neighbor's pool??

Luke's baseball team had a reunion cook-out tonight. Those fellas sure enjoy being together. We're planning for next spring and considering a few diamond outings this fall as well.

Late breaking news from the all-star field: Landen's team won the state tournament Sunday, so they will represent Texas in Virginia at the Dixie National World Series in a couple weeks. (This item was NOT on the Johnson July calendar of approved events:)gk

Elizabeth Anne is walking! She's also picked up a little dance, swim, and a game or two of catch.