Friday, April 09, 2010

Friday Favorite

This week's installment of "These are a few of my favorite things" features the containers my mom bought for me while I was visiting her. She uses them for cereal and thought I might enjoy some for my cupboard. Enjoy, I do indeed!

I have the tall rectangular ones. Sometimes, the healthy [horse food] cereal is too much for the kids and Philip to swallow...ha, swallow...get it?

For the kids, I might buy one bag of golden puffed wheat (fake sugar smacks)and several bags of 'plain ol' puffed wheat - which costs $1 a bag. I mix it 1:2 so each bowl ends up having a third of the sugar at ... uh, a fraction of the cost...I am SO not doing that math today:)

Philip enjoys several different kinds of cereal, but left to his own blending habits, we run out of the expensive nutty kind way before the cheaper boring kind. So being the frugal [control-freak] wife that I am, I mix it reasonably in a charming container for him to pour right into his bowl.

Aren't they lovely? All stacked and tidy?? And the lids!

You just press the center button and it pops up, and the lid snaps off. When you're ready to store it, just replace the lid and press the button down.
Snap, Pop, Love it!!

If your mom is as cool as mine, she can find them at Kohl's.