Saturday, February 06, 2010

Saturday Evening Post

Well, shoot.

Mari is sick. We haven't had a tummy bug in our home since January 2009. Elizabeth and I had slight symptoms Wednesday, but seemed better the next day. Mari's is full blown and I feel bad for her. I'm rewinding our day to think of all the friends and family with whom she shared touchy-breathy air and space. Oh me, oh my.

As a result...

I will be staying in tomorrow. No hair. No wardrobe. No lunch prep.

My Saturday evening has been redeemed unto me.

In other remarkable news: Philip has not been called out to work ALL day. (duck and cover 'cause I probably just jinxed that rig right outta the water!)

He took all the kids to watch Luke's game this morning while I attended a baby shower for my sweet, lemon-lovin' friend. What a treat to sip coffee from a [real] tea cup and casually chat and giggle with a roomful of comfortable kindness!

The Johnsons regrouped between games to eat lunch and shuffle carpools. Then it was "grab yer gatorade & git yer coat!" as we were off to sit on hard metal bleachers for the rest of the afternoon. I hate that I missed Luke's game, but Ardyn played great. She was a defensive force with which to be reckoned...just ask her rival-friend Olivia! Ashlin approaches the game with a spunky little rhythm that is a blast to watch.

Asian Salad for supper. This is one of Philip's favorite meals and it is SO simple.

Bag of salad
Chow mien noodles
Mandarin oranges (drained)
Breaded chicken
Catalina dressing

Sometimes, when I have time, I hand-bread fresh chicken pieces and bake them, but for the quicker, junkier version, I simply heat up frozen popcorn chicken. A surprising crowd pleaser.

This evening, as Mari rested on her pallet and dozed in & out of "Annie", Philip tidied up the kitchen mess then challenged Ardyn and Ashli to several lanes of wii bowling. I helped the boys study for their History and English tests while Elizabeth danced a jig in her exersaucer.

Now that it's getting late, my head is sort of swimming. Oh, man, I do NOT want to be sick. I'd better call it a day. Philip's wishing I were over there focused on the movie with him instead of over here clicking and clacking away.

Thank You, God for today. Thank You for providing every possibility to find joy. Please watch over Mari tonight and heal her. Thank You for babies and basketball games and bedtime! You are THE BEST!