Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ardyn's Photo Scavenger Hunt

Ardyn had some friends come over this morning to celebrate her 9th birthday. They had a list of captions for which they had to pose. Philip had taken all the other kids to Luke's basketball game, so I followed the high-pitched gaggle of girls around, snapping shots until their list was checked off.

"Story Time"

"I Can't Believe We All Fit In Here"

"No One's Feet Touching the Ground"

"In Someone Else's Shoes"

Then, as they decorated their photo albums, I tried to upload the pictures to W@lgr** so that within an hour or so I could have the prints picked up. It was a no go. (snort, stomp, huff) I'll just have to include some prints in the thank you notes next week.

We cleaned up our craftiness & rolled out and baked some stuffed-crust pizza. I sliced a fresh pineapple for the first time in my life. The girls were quick to point out that I failed to read the instructions, but it tasted great.

We sang and ate cookie slices and hugged on the birthday girl.

Thank You, God, for Ardyn Grace. She is beautiful and enthusiastic and generous. You have blessed her with kind friends who share a love for You. Thank You for blessing our home with her life.