Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Nothing Better to Do... But Blog

Bathroom containers are old news.

This afternoon was THE day for venison processing. We were supposed to do it last evening, but Philip was called out to work. So today at 4:00, he began grinding. At 4:45 I started browning. It's 8:30 and the last two pots of ground venison are on the stove.

The first year we processed our own meat, we put it in cute little wrappers and froze it. It took forever and then I still had to defrost it and cook it each time I wanted to serve it for dinner. The next year we wised up. We ground it right into big cooking pots that already had chopped onions and peppers in it. After we had browned all the meat, and let it cool, we stored it in zip lock bags. All year long, I was 15 minutes out from spaghetti, taco salad, or whatever.

This year there were three deer to process! Philip froze lots of steaks, I cooked SEVERAL pots full and drained them, now I'm waiting for them to cool. I also made a HUGE batch of meatballs and a meatloaf. I baked them and they are ready to freeze as well.

I skipped choir for two main reasons: I needed to finish this butcher shop project sometime before midnight PLUS ALSO I smell like a large, gamey, sauteed onion.

I'm waiting to finish before I wash this stench right outa my hair. I can't wait to shower! For now, Mari is enjoying a solitary bubble bath. She has been singing, "Bes-sed be da name of da Load...He gives an takes away...Ma hot will choose to say...bes-sed be da glow-ree-us name!" When she heard Landen ask about the deer meat, she stopped her song immediately and exclaimed, "I LOVE meat!"

Thank You, God, for a good day. Thank You for providing for us in so many ways. Your Name IS Glorious and we bless You for who You are!