Thursday, October 30, 2008

Evening Post

Tonight, Philip took me shopping and then out to dinner. However, I declined his kind invitation to watch him play in his softball championship.

After watching the kids most of the evening, JW left to go work out. He told me I could email him a grocery list and he would go to the store on his way home. Am I the luckiest girl in town, or what??

After I gave the girls a bath, the boys invited them to watch an episode of Little House on the Prairie in their room. Mari's on her way to sleep, so I'm here.

Earlier today, Ardyn and Ashli were brushing their hair at my sink and humming the theme song from Mulan made popular by Christina Agu-somebody. "Who is that girl I see, [mumble, mumble} -ing BACK At me... [mumble] REFlection [mumble, mumble]" A heated debate surfaced as they discussed what the true lyrics might be.

Ardyn sang through her version.
Ash: That's not how Momma sings it!
Ardyn: Well, it's how Mulan sings it!
Ash: WELL, Mom is a much greater singer than MULAN!!!

That's my girl.
(The other one's mine too, but she fails to be impressed by my meager abilities)

Thank You, Lord, for the time Philip and I got to spend together this evening. I love him so much. Thank You for him. Thank you for our wonderful kids. Help us do a better job of discipling them and preparing them for what they might have to stand up for or against in their lifetime. You Reign! And that gives us all hope.